Welcome to the Women’s Creative Leadership Network!

The Women’s Creative Leadership Network is a group of everyday women around the world who have an extraordinary passion for making the world a better place.

This network is based on The Fruition Coalition‘s core values of optimism, love, justice, community, curiosity, wisdom, creativity, liberation, integrity, and sincerity.

The goals of the network are to:

  • Connect passionate women across the globe who believe in the network’s values
  • Provide a safe, welcoming space where women can share their ideas, dreams, and challenges related to leadership
  • Educate and inspire members so that we can each develop our full leadership potential
  • Spark discussion about leadership theory and practice
  • Dispel the myths of leadership through research, discussion, and our personal example
  • Highlight the contributions of members to the practice of creative leadership based on the network’s values
  • Support women who are working hard to improve their organizations and communities
  • Collaboratively create leadership that results in more openness and understanding rather than in division and destruction